Getting to know someone can be a challenging experience. You both want to show off your best side, but still want to be accepted for all of your flaws, (that you are not letting the other person see). A good way to pull off the rose-colored glasses and cut to the quick in a relationship is to travel with them.

Traveling forces you and your companion into unfamiliar situations. This can either cause you both to react positively, or become overly stressed and lose your ability to communicate. Finding out how someone deals with the everyday unpredictability of traveling in a foreign place can give you a peek into how they will handle many of life’s mishaps. Included here are a few things you should know about traveling with your significant other before you book a flight.

Make Needs Known

The worst thing you can do is plan a vacation or trip that suits only one half of the couple’s ideals. If one of you wants to relax and one of you wants to see everything in the town, you will need to work out a happy medium in advance. As with any traveling experience, it is wise to carve out spaces of time to be filled with whatever seems appropriate that day.

Find Comfort Zones

Travel can be easy and familiar if you choose to stay in all-inclusive resorts around the world. However, if you are envisioning a backpacking trip across India, you are both going to need to be prepared and on the same page. Each person’s comfort level should be identified, so you can enjoy the adventure without becoming panicked or overwhelmed.

Spend Time Separately

While traveling together is a fantastic time to get to know your loved one better, it can also drive you insane with their closeness. Take time to be alone, whether physically or just mentally. You could sit together at a cafe but each read or journal and indulge in silence. Alternatively, one of you could visit a gallery while another goes on a tour of the city. Find spaces where you can both reach out individually so that coming together is more enjoyable.

Your Worst Side Will Be Exposed

Be prepared to apologize and allow your loved one to see your less favorable side. Traveling breeds mishaps and misadventures, while also allowing incredible opportunities and unforeseen moments. You will have to ride out the impatience, exhaustion and hunger at times in order to have unforgettable experiences with your loved one.

While it can be hard to embrace a time when you don’t look your best, try to see it as an opportunity for your significant other to love you through it. Do they become impatient and disgusted by you at your worst time? Or do they buoy you up and make you better? All of these experiences will contribute to a stronger relationship and better understanding of each other.