What makes the majestic islands and cays of Turks and Caicos the perfect holiday destination? Quite simply the fact that TCI is a treasure trove of sun, sea, Caribbean cuisine, sports and luxurious resorts, of course.

  1. Sun

A real life paradise, Turks and Caicos enjoys year round sun, with temperatures during the summer months averaging a glorious 31 degrees Celsius and July being the warmest month of the summer season. That said, temperatures can peak at up to 35 degrees in late summer.

Even in the winter months though, Turks and Caicos remains resolutely sunny, with temperatures averaging about 27 degrees. The coldest days rarely dip below 22 degrees and usually occur during March, as explained in more detail via the Weather Spark website. Hence, TCI makes a fantastic all year option for those in search of sun or just looking for some respite from colder winters experienced back home.

That said, travellers to Turks and Caicos should be aware that TCI does experience a hurricane season. The Turks and Caicos Tourism website states that TCI’s hurricane season runs from the beginning of June to the end of November. Hence, those hoping to enjoy a summer holiday without the potential threat of being caught up in a hurricane or cyclone, will want to book their summer holiday accordingly.

  1. Sea

The Turks and Caicos Islands are often wrongly referred to as being situated in the Caribbean Ocean. Despite being described as a Caribbean country due to the tropical climate TCI enjoys and its geographic proximity to neighbouring Caribbean countries, such as the Bahamas, Turks and Caicos is actually a British Overseas Territory located on the outer limits of the North Atlantic.

None the less, the seas that lap its many shores are teeming with a plethora of exotic sea life and populated by migrating whales, as well as being home to TCI’s very own Mermaid, Bella – who can be spotted by taking a Caicos Tours Mermaid Adventure. Meanwhile, a host of other water focussed activities from snorkelling to diving as well as glass bottomed boat tours and fishing are also enjoyed in Turks and Caicos and provide some of the best ways to discover and enjoy its rich sea life and waters.

Those looking to spend more time paddling than diving though are equally catered for by TCI’s astounding wealth of beaches, coves, bays and bluffs. In fact, Turks and Caicos is home to what has numerous times now been voted the world’s best beach and currently takes second place spot as voted for by the trip advisor traveller choice awards. The beach being spoken of is of course the stunning Grace Bay Beach, which you can learn more about over at the Traveller website.

  1. Caribbean Cuisine

Turks and Caicos enjoys a super fresh and fish focussed cuisine thanks in no small part to the unique geography and ecology of the country. Being spread over numerous islands and cays and poised at the edge of the North Atlantic where it meets the Caribbean Ocean as well as being home to the world’s third largest barrier reef system, seafood lovers and foodies will struggle not to gorge themselves whilst in TCI.

The signature dish in Turks and Caicos, which cannot be passed up trying when in TCI, is conch. In fact, TCI loves conch so much it is even depicted on the Turks and Caicos Islands’ national flag and most restaurants in TCI provided a choice of conch based dishes from refreshing salads to indulgent fried conch fritters.

For a truly once in a life time way to experience conch though, or just for those brave enough to give it a go, Da Conch Shack & Rum Bar serves their own signature cocktail: the Conch Knocker, though those up for giving this boozy delicacy a shot (no pun intended) might want to avoid asking how it is made, at least until they’ve tried it.

To discover ten of the best places to eat whilst in Turks and Caicos as well as search restaurants according to island and location to ensure you always end up enjoying a delicious meal as well as some truly delicious light bites along your travels in TCI, refer to the Fodors Travel website.

  1. Sports

As already touched upon, Turks and Caicos’ sumptuously warm waters, stunning diving sites and barrier reef provide the perfect place to enjoy a spot of world class diving and snorkelling. Meanwhile, its many beaches, lagoons and rivers also mean that those looking to get stuck into a spot of surfing, paddle boarding and kayaking are also well catered for in TCI.

The sporting fun doesn’t end though where the sea does. As well as some fantastic shores and waters, Turks and Caicos is also home to some truly stunning and exotic countryside which is best explored via walking, hiking and as well cycling, all of which holiday makers can do by booking a tour or renting bikes via TCI’s premier eco-tour operators, Big Blue Unlimited.

Meanwhile, for a more leisurely and laid back way to spend an afternoon of sporting recreation, Turks and Caicos is as well home to one of the Caribbean’s top twenty rated gold courses, Provo Golf Club, which is open to non-embers year round.

  1. Luxurious Resorts

Last but not least, no holiday can ever be a great one if the accommodation you stay in is not as equally spectacular as the destination you travel to. Fortunately, those heading to TCI or planning to needn’t worry; Turks and Caicos is home to a plethora of luxury resorts, many of which are found studding the lip of Grace Bay Beach in north east Providenciales.

One such resort and one partnered with aforementioned Big Blue Unlimited tour operators, is that of the Blue Haven Turks and Caicos. Like its partner eco-tour provider, the Blue Haven Turks and Caicos is one of TCI’s premier attractions and such much more than just somewhere to stay whilst in Turks and Caicos.

As well as being kitted out with luxury suites which are ideal for families, couples and lone travellers, the resort also boasts its own gourmet grocery store, two restaurants and private stretch of beach and as such caters to a diverse and eclectic mix of guests, making it the perfect and perfectly located resort whether you opt to arrive by boat, plane or even your own private yacht – proving it really is a resort that takes catering to its guess every whim and need seriously, the Blue Haven has even built its own private marina for those who wish to park up their yacht upon arrival.