Diving is a matter of timing. Ardent divers know how important it is to be able to tell time while diving. Also, more deeper they dive in, deeper they search for features in their watch. Many divers are in dire need to know which watch is suitable for them to wear while diving.

Need a waterproof watch for your Water Sport Adventure? Which type best fits your need?

The first step is to know the difference between a simple wrist watch and a dive watch. Though, a scuba watch look similar to a wrist watch but it differs in its making. These are made with durable material like stainless steel, heavy duty rubber and mineral crystals that will protect them from corrosion and other aqua- damages. Some of the dive watches available in the market include-

  • Standard Analog Dive Watches:

Analog Dive watches are available in a wide range of designs so that divers are never short of options to choose from. But since these watches come with more moving parts, the risk of damage is more and hence these are often replaced with digital dive watches.

  • Digital Dive Watches:
  • Contains LCD displays which help divers to keep track of time, day and their diving time.
  • Professional divers can opt higher models which provide information of depth, water temperature, oxygen tank, mixture gauges and battery indicators.
  • Comfortable wearing with the thick gloves used by divers. The large buttons make it easy to manage underwater.
  • Expensive watches come with extra features:

These watches can be synced with your computer and can be used for uploading information for sharing and other purposes. This will though cost you more.

Choosing a dive watch entirely depends on personal choice. Here are some essential features that a dive watch must possess-

  • Must be made from highly durable materials like stainless steel and mineral crystals. The chromium content in stainless steel provides corrosion resistant properties. Mineral crystal makes your watch tougher to withstand scratches. Lower quality materials fail to survive underwater pressure and leads to poor performance.
  • It should offer corrosion resistance from 200-2000 feet.
  • Imagine if you buy a watch and you can’t wear it with your dive suit. How sad is that! So, before buying a dive watch you should check if it is comfortable wearing over a wear suit and if the display is clear enought to be read underwater. The wrist strap should be thick and made of high quality rubber so that it lasts for long.

Your water sport adventure is incomplete unless you own a nice waterproof watch. Gadgets always enhance your diving experience, and no doubt a cool diving watch will definitely boost up your confidence. If you are looking for a sophisticated experience, there are diving watches with high tech smart features available in the market. You can dive smart with these smart dive watches. Since dive watches are available in a wide range of price, you can choose according to your budget. Afterall, watches do keep a watch on you. To know more details visit here http://www.thumbkayak.com/need-a-waterproof-watch-for-your-water-sport-adventure-which-type-best-fits-your-need/ .