When you are planning your first cruise, the excitement can become overwhelming. This might cause you to overlook some things, which might impede your enjoyment at the cruise. The following are some of the essential things you need to know about before embarking on your first cruise. The tips will ensure that you have a much better experience on your first cruise.

  1. Research the ports before the cruise begins

It is imperative that you research the ports the cruise will stop at before the embarkation day. Find out what activities you can take part in during each of the stop overs. Some of these stop overs can last for even eight hours, which can be a dreadful time if you have no idea what to do to occupy your time.

Read all you can about the ports you will be stopping at in order to find the right activities that matches your interest.

Certain cruise lines including the world renowned Komodo cruise line will provide you with an extensive itinerary of activities you can undertake on each port. It will then be up to you to determine which activities you are most interested in.

  1. Pack with the weather in mind

Different ports have different weather conditions, and it is essential that you pack the right clothes suitable for the weather in each port. Remember that every excursion outside the cruise will happen whether it shines or rains. Play it safe by packing clothes suitable for all the possible weather conditions that you could encounter at every port the cruise stops at.

Always have a poncho or a lightweight jacket in your carry on every time that you leave the cruise ship. This will ensure that you are protected at all times from sudden changes in the weather during the excursions.

  1. Exercise

Even on a cruise ship, you need to be conscious about your health. Most cruises usually offer all you can eat buffet where you can find a variety of foods from all over the world. This wide variety of food can be quite tempting, and you are most likely going to over indulge in many of these delicacies.

In order to keep your health in check, and do not pack on more pounds than you can lose effortlessly, it is best to do as much exercise as possible while on the cruise. This will ensure that you work off all the food you will consume at every buffet sitting.

Exercise on the cruise ship can come in the form of taking the stairs instead of the elevator when moving around the ship. Most cruise ships have several flights of stairs throughout the ship, and it will be prudent to take the opportunity to use them in order to burn more calories.

Furthermore, most of these ships have gyms on board, which you can take advantage of in order to keep in shape even as you partake in the numerous all you can eat buffets.

  1. Buffet and embarkation day do not match

Another tip you have to keep in mind is to avoid partaking in an all you can eat buffet on the ship during the embarkation day. It is usually chaotic at the grill or buffet during this day, and it might be a seriously strenuous time consuming hassle on that food line. In addition, it is going to be noisy there, and you might need some peace and quiet after all of the pre-boarding activities. Embarkation day is usually quite eventful and you might need some down time to be able calm down and relax.

Instead, go to the dining room in order to have a relaxed meal as you get yourself acquainted with your new environment.