The rise in popularity of educational holidays over recent years, in particular those for music students, has spread across the globe. Five of the best destinations for student musicians looking to further their craft and perform on the international stage are looked at here.


A cultural melting pot, it is perhaps no surprise the United States is one of the most popular ports of call for music students. In particular, the south of the country has been the birthplace of many music genres such as jazz, blues and rock and roll. The city of New Orleans has a fine jazz heritage and openly welcomes students to show off their musical prowess. A tour which takes in this hotbed of jazz, as well as the musically rich cities of Memphis and Nashville, is sure to further develop any student musician’s love for their art.


Austria is steeped in music history and cultural heritage. The birthplace of Mozart, Strauss and Haydn amongst others, Austria has always been renowned for its association with classical music, making it an ideal destination for student musicians to tour. Much of the country’s musical activity is centred in the historic cities of Salzburg and Vienna. The opportunity for students to perform in the gardens of the Mirabell Palace, which featured in the film The Sound of Music, is one that should be grabbed by all young musicians.


For a more laid-back and intimate music tour, Dublin in Ireland is a prime location. As well as being the nation’s capital, Dublin can also be said to be the cultural centre of Ireland and has a long-held association with folk music. A music tour of this fine city gives young musicians the chance to perform at venues such as the world famous Guinness Storehouse or any number of smaller, more personal venues where the love of music shines through.

Czech Republic

Much as Dublin is the cultural centre of Ireland, so too is Prague the equivalent in the Czech Republic. A city with a varied and fascinating history, Prague projects an air of refined art and culture. This appreciation of the arts, particularly music, makes this historically rich city a great destination for student orchestras and choirs. In addition to its classical legacy, Prague is also a hotbed of jazz which can often be heard drifting out of the windows of many establishments in the city.


Hungary’s capital of Budapest is one of the fastest rising destinations in terms of popularity with music students and boasts a fine musical legacy. The birthplace of Franz Liszt, classical music looms large in the city’s history. The city is home to a number of excellent concert venues which are perfect for student orchestras and choirs. Another plus point for choosing Hungary as a destination for student music performance tours is its close proximity to Austria. The majority of classical music students would undoubtedly jump at the chance of combining the cultural delights of Budapest, Salzburg and Vienna, three of the most important cities in music history.