When you’re planning on going on holiday with a large group of people, you’ll need to find activities that allow you to take advantage of such a feat. Thailand is amazing because it has something to satisfy anyone’s appetite for adventure, and even if you choose to visit a small town, your large group will get a lot out of it. Thailand is filled with some of the world’s most beautiful islands, thanks to its 5000+ miles of coastline. Even if you start with the beaches, you’ll hardly run out of ones to visit because this area of the world has some truly amazing-looking beaches.

But Thailand is much more than beaches. Here, you can visit Chiang Mai for some great backpacking, tour Buddhist temples such as Wat Ban Den, or even bring a water gun to Songkran and get soaked while enjoying the Songkran Festival around the country’s New Year time.

You can shop at a floating market or enjoy snorkeling and kayaking in Koh Samui, where there are numerous Koh Samui luxury villas for rent that won’t disappoint. The villas offer amenities such as private chefs and private pools, so you can even be spoiled when you’re resting up each night for the next day’s activities.

Large groups can easily be accommodated in Thailand because there are tons of tourist spots that cater to groups of all sizes. These include numerous national parks for the nature-lover in all of us, waterfalls that will amaze and stun you, and some of the best shopping on the planet.

In fact, regardless of what you prefer doing while you’re on holiday, you can find it in Thailand. It has lots of history, culture, food, water, and all types of fun to fill your days, not to mention luxurious accommodations that allow you to rest and relax each evening so you can do it all again the following day.