You can enjoy a taste of the real Turkey with the Icmeler Turkish Night Tour, which gives you the chance to meet local people, learn about their customs, language, culture and traditions. Best of all you get to try some of the local cuisine, all based on delicious and authentic traditional recipes handed down through the generations.

Unlike most of the tours we offer, this is an evening event, which gives it a special atmosphere all of its own. Everyone is in the mood for a party – even the staff!

The evening starts with you being picked up at your hotel before you will all be transported to a local restaurant, which will serve a wide selection of dishes – allowing you to try lots of different types of Turkish cuisine. All the dishes served are traditional recipes, prepared using local ingredients by to top Turkish chefs.

After the food comes the traditional Turkish entertainment, consisting of music and dancing, from all over the country. The performers on this Turkish Night Tour from Icmeler will not just entertain you, however; they will also tell you the stories behind their region’s traditional songs and dances so that you can learn more about this fascinating and diverse country.

As well as learning the stories behind their songs and dances, the performers will also educate you about the history of Turkey, and its different provinces, particularly the many different languages and dialects which are still spoken in rural parts of the country, and the traditions which are still observed by many older people in smaller villages. You will learn a great deal about this captivating country in just one night

Of course, no night of Turkish culture and entertainment would be complete without a demonstration of that most famous of musical exports, belly dancing. Once you have watched the experts perform, with their colorful costumes and flamboyant style, there will even be an opportunity for you to give it a try yourself. Don’t be shy; after all, this could be your only chance to give belly dancing a try in the country where it was born. And the professional will be happy to show you the basics so that you can enjoy dancing along with her and the rest of the crowd – the perfect way to end a perfect night.

At the end of this magical and unforgettable night, you will be taken safely back to your hotel.

Whether you are away on a romantic honeymoon or a family holiday, the Icmeler Turkish Night Tour should be an essential part of your trip. We will be happy to cater to your needs whether you want a quiet table just for two or a somewhere large and loud enough for the whole family to enjoy the party.
This really is a night that you will never forget, and one that will truly enrich your Turkish experience. It is a unique opportunity to see and experience centuries of Turkish history, culture, language and cuisine, all in one night, and your Turkish Night Tour from Icmeler will leave you even more in love with this enchanting country than you thought possible.