Every year, there are more than 9 million tourists who visit Japan. Aside from the country’s high technology, it provides a great blend of amazing landscapes, exciting adventure, cultural heritage as well as delicious and unique foods. From the popular Hokkaido Niseko resorts, Mount Fuji to Tokyo’s busy Ginza, the country can surely fulfill any tourist’s crazy dreams. Uniktour has plenty of information for travelers wishing to visit Japan.

A lot of those who have been in Japan can say that Japanese foods are among the healthiest and most natural in the world. Japanese people use nearly no spices ensuring that their food have natural and pure flavor. Japan’s sashimi, Kobe beef and seaweed are among its delicacies famous in the world. As with other countries in Asia, Japan has meals that come with rice or “gohan.”

How are Meals Served in Japan

In Japan, people serve their meals based on presentation, the type of serving plate and the taste of the food to be served. This is quite unique; however, these bases are imperative for the food industry in this country. For a truly Japanese dining, guests will be requested to take off their shoes and have a seat in the floor or at the “tatami mat.”

Japanese Culinary Cuisines for Holidays

As you travel in Japan, it is likely that you will know the importance of saying “Itadakimasu,” which means “I am grateful to receive the meal,” before eating the meal and “gochisosama deshita,” which means “thank you for the meal,” after eating. After a Japanese meal is eaten, the disk must be moved back to similar position when you had meal to show politeness. The lids must be put back to the dish with the chopstick placed to the holder.

What Food to Enjoy in Japan

  • Sushi– This is one of the most famous foods that tourists can get in Japan. In order to have a unique sushi eating experience, it is advisable to visit a sushi restaurant that has a conveyor belt. This will make sure that the sushi will be served fast and based on one’s personal choice. Sushi places that are quite crowded surely have cheap and delicious sushi.
  • Ramen– To have a really unique ramen experience in Japan, you must land your feet to a Ramen shop that you can find in busy train stations. You can expect these places to have no chairs and offer quick standing eating.
  • Takoyaki– This Octopus balls are a favorite snack in Japan. Normally, these are served with sauce, shredded seaweed and fish flakes. Takoyaki can be purchased in most Japanese cities.
  • “Natto” Fermented soybeans – This traditional food in Japan is high in protein often served with rice. A breakfast food, Natto is expected to have strong smell and will stick to the chopstick. Eating Natto 7 is quite memorable for tourists in Japan.
  • “Okonomiyaki” or Japanese Pancake – This pancake is made from eggs, flour, fish or meat and cabbage on Worchester sauce (Japanese style). In some cases, fish flakes, mayonnaise and shredded seaweed are added to the pancake. Some restaurants allow guests to select the specific things they want to be placed into their okonomiyaki while they watch the chef cooking it for them.