When in Krakow, the must see points on the map are: Mariacki Church, Wawel Royal Castle, Wawel Cathedral with Sigmund’s bell, the Cloth Hall and a place to stay the night. But what if we add something to it? The trips require diversity – walking, nature or other alternatives. What can we find in the city of Krakow?

The nature in the city centre – Botanical Garden of UJ

The Botanical Garden of the Jagiellonian University is a very good proposition for a “break” from the sightseeing of Old Town and Wawel Castle. First of all – we can walk there from the city centre. The Cloth Hall is approximately 20 minutes walk from the Garden. Second of all, the walk though the garden with a guide won’t take long. And third of all – it might bring a relief from (however beautiful) landmarks by communing with nature.

The Garden truly enraptures its’ diverse flora. It might be visited by individual tourists as well as groups. It offers themed programs for school trips. Additionally, the Botanical Garden is a home for bees. The University’s Apiary is a point for a lesson for the youngest children, in special suits, of course.

Krakow’s Aqua Park

When the outdoor atmosphere is too gloomy or too hot, we may relax and have fun in the Aqua Park. Sauna? Obviously! It’s a perfect place for those who prefer to spend their time actively.

Krakow’s Zoo

There is a place where we can experience the nature in many ways. Wolski Forest is a space where paths were made for those who wish to walk among the trees. We may find there Piłsudski’s Mound and Kameduł’s hermitary.

The Forest is also a place of a zoo. We may find over 1400 animals that represent around 270 species. While visiting the zoo we may encounter: Giraffes, chimpanzees, Humbolt’s penguins, snow leopards,  and an Andean condor.

Museum to play in

We will break the rules of this article a little and mention a museum that is not a standard one. Krakow is a lucky owner of – a pinball museum. The benefit of this museum is that within the price of the ticket – you can play on all the machines.

Accommodation in Krakow

In the city centre you may find a Draggo House – a hostel by the Gołębia street. It is suitable for boh, individual and group visitors. What are the benefits of this type of accommodation in Krakow?

  • First of all –the standard: clean, modern interiors and new, comfortable beds
  • Second of all – Charging docs, night lamps and lockers for all the guests
  • Third of all – bathroom in every room
  • Fourth of all – great location in the Old Town – It is situated in the Old Town, 2 minutes from the Main Square and 25 minutes to the Main train and bus station by foot
  • Fifth of all – Good price
  • Sixth of all – support for groups with the reservations, dinners and organisation of transport.