When taking a campervan hire journey through Australia, you want a route that mixes incredible scenery with an abundance of activities and sights. This is why the route from Margaret to Wave Rock comes highly recommended. This route takes in a large number of top grade wineries, a number of funky coastal towns, Several national parks, Wave Rock, and the vast Wheatbelt region. This is easily one of the most driven routes in Australia, and make sure to have it on your route no matter if you’re just doing or short trip or taking on an Epic Australian journey.

Should you make the right choice and decide to take this drive, there are a great many suggested stops along the way and other highlights.

Busselton Jetty

This majestic jetty is officially the longest in the southern hemisphere. This is a great place to fish, picnic, or just get a good look at the surrounding water and skies, which will give you a good impression of just how gorgeous this land truly is. You can easily park your campervan and walk to the jetty, so you won’t be wasting any time on your route.

Valley Of The Giants

There is a reason thousands of travelers venture each year to check out the Valley of The Giants. This region got its name from the thousands of giant trees that make up its interior, some of the largest recorded trees anywhere in the known world. This region gives the redwoods of California a run for their money, so make sure to schedule this one in for a stop. There are dozens of wondrous hiking trails to choose from, making this one of the top hiking regions in all of Australia.

Margaret River

This is one of the most lush and inviting wine countries in the world and features many large and small wineries spread out across its expanse. Nearly all of the wineries offer tours and tastings, so this is your ticket to a great wine vacation in the midst of some of the most gorgeous, rolling scenery in all of Australia. What better way to take a break on your campervan hire journey than to take an extended tour of the wine regions and the wineries that consistently produce some of the top brands in the world.


Have you ever been curious about which was the first settlement in Western Australia? The answer is Albany, and you can easily visit on your route. There is a plethora of history to this town which is on full display in museums, exhibits, tours, and other attractions painting a vivid history of this original settler town. For anyone curious about the history of the region, Albany is an absolute treat and is very highly recommended for its cultural value.

Wave Rock

This is one of the top sites in Australia for visitors and graces many postcards and photo layouts as well. You haven’t really seen wave rock until you’ve seen in up close, however, so it is highly recommended that you do so. This 2.7 billion year old granite wave formation will blow your mind just as it has been blowing minds for many, many decades. Come and bask in its strange charisma and you won’t ever look at Australia the same way again.


This is the first inland town in Western Australia. There are many ways to find out about the history here, including a massive museum and train rides upon the original railway in original cars that have been fully restored to give you the same old world experience the original inhabitants became used to. Needless to say, this is an absolute mecca amongst Australian history buffs and for those who are just casually curious as well. There is so much history here that you may want to take an extra day just to get it all in. The settlement of Australia and the building of the railroads is an absolutely fascinating time in the history of the country, and York was right in the heart of it for many decades. Stopping through York is like going back in time.

The Wave Rock route from Margaret River is truly one of the most epic drives you will ever embark on. For many decades travelers have been utilizing this route for their campervan hire journeys, and it won’t take long to find out why. With its abundance of top rated wineries, its lush, rolling lands and vegetation, its coastal towns and incredible forests, and its rich history, this region is easily in the top for Australian driving routes, and many would rate it in the number one spot. Find out for yourself and make sure this route is on your radar for your next Australian adventure.