If you are pondering on how to renew ESTA visa waiver then it is important for you to know that currently ESTA visa waiver renewals are not allowed by the US customs and Border Protection department. For ESTA visa waiver statuses that say “application not found” or “application expired”, it is mandatory to submit new applications for ESTA renewal. In the same way, if you have got a new passport recently, it is essential for you to apply for ESTA again. Applications for ESTA renewals need to be submitted online and there is even a fee that needs to be paid for the same. There is no provision for extending active or expired ESTA applications.

ESTA renewal means you need to wait until the expiry of your ESTA

Renewals are not possible before the expiry of ESTA. This means that you can renew ESTA visa waiver only if your ESTA visa has expired. There are different ways in which you can be informed about this expiry. However, it is important that you make proper arrangements for renewals within 30 days of the expiry of your visa. ESTA renewals bring forward the point that already existing ESTA applications of the individuals remain cancelled.

Here, it is important to note that ESTA approvals are generally granted for a time span of two years. Applicants can even go for ESTA approvals on the expiry of their passports. Once the applications of the individuals are approved, they get the flexibility of visiting the United States several times.

How long is an ESTA approval good for?

ESTA remains valid for two years which means that during this time span, the ESTA visa possessors can visit the United States as and when they want. There are absolutely no limitations on the number of times people can visit the USA. This time period of two years generally starts right on the date of application approval. There are other visa provisions available for people who want to stay in the US for a long span of time. By introducing the ESTA, the government of US has made it easier and more convenient for foreign citizens to make entry into the country in the most legitimate manner. Also, there are absolutely no hassles faced by the candidates applying either for ESTA or ESTA renewal. Everything is transparent and simple.

The Electronic System of Travel Authorisation makes it easier for travellers to visit the United States without going through the hassle of applying for separate visas. However, ESTA renewals can only be made on the expiry of already existing ESTA. It is important for people to have a careful look at the status of their applications in order to make the right move at the right time.

ESTA renewals come as a scope for individuals to do away with their pending jobs and tasks in the USA without facing any travel-related issues. However, it is important that the right and the most dependable sources are chosen for the same. Small mistakes might be problematic when you are about to renew ESTA visa waiver.