If you love sports and good food, you must have tried many sports bars in the Gold Coast region. After all, this is one of the most sports-mad regions in Australia, and you will find sports bars dotting every city and town. However, for a long time, revelers have complained about the loss of the true feeling of a sports bar as a place where a family could have fun.


Most establishments now pander to their commercial interests too much at the expense of their customers. It is for this reason that a new kid in town seeks to bring back the groove to the sports bar tradition. The new Harbour Town Australia New Restaurantaims to debunk the myth of a sports bar as a noisy place where you can’t have fun with family.

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Sports Fun Meets Good Food

Forget the old-school sports bar where all you could expect were burgers and a limited choice of food and drinks.  This is one reason many people have stayed away from establishments in Harbour Town, but this is about to change. Revelers can now enjoy the fun and eat good food at the same place.

From hot sandwiches, awesome pizzas and salads, house-smoked meat to finger-licking fried chicken, you can now find everything you need at Crafty’s the new sports bar with a difference. If you love your drink, you have a wide range of choices from classic brews, crafty cocktails, espresso martinis, beautiful wines and so much more. Whether you like your wine direct from a tap or a bottle, you will have it all.

Music and Fun Galore

There’s much more than eating and drinking at your best sports bar in town. You will enjoy games of skill suitable for families and groups of friends. It is a great way to pass away time and meet interesting people. What’s more, you will enjoy the music played by some of the best DJs in town. There’s no dull moment at your favorite joint, and you will find yourself coming back for more fun.

Family Friendly Sport Bar

If you want to find a good place where your family can have fun and relax within Harbour town Australia, it is time to explore what the newest sports bar has to offer. You will always have an opportunity to catch the best games live on TV, and your family will love the hands-on fun activities.

The casual and relaxed environment at Crafty’s makes this one of the most family-friendly bars in town. The ambiance, the food, and the laid-back atmosphere are perfect for your family’s outings.

Meet Your Favourite Athletes

One of the reasons sports bars are popular in Australia is because fans have an opportunity to meet their sporting heroes. At Crafty’s you can chance upon some local athletes and even others from out of town when they visit.

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