Have you been living the road trip lifestyle for a while and you’re ready for a break? Your campervan may have served you well but you’re ready to give it a rest from taking you to near and far-away places. You know what is a good idea? Renting it out. Many people are looking for a cheap campervan hire for great road trip experiences.

Instead of letting it sit (and potentially rot) in your driveway as you get back to the stable lifestyle, why not make some extra money by renting out your vehicle to those looking for a cheap campervan hire? It will not only make you money that you could have initially invested in purchasing it, but it can even help you make a profit.

Of course, renting out anything from a home to a vehicle means potential damage. It also means entrusting your vehicle into the hands of someone else. To ensure that you stay safe and make money and not lose money from renting out your campervan, here are some of our tips for making it a successful experience for you:

  • Get it advertised through a website. Listing your RV on a website can be a helpful way for you to get people interested in renting it. The sites can help you to get more potential renters, so that you never have to look for people to rent it and the RV rental company will usually have a very great way of vetting potential customers, as well as having a secure checkout process, so you never get stiffed with the rent money. Also, many companies offer insurance coverage.
  • Set a mileage limit per day with the renters. You may want to rent out your vehicle but a very real situation could be that your vehicle may get the miles as high as a kite due to people travelling in it around the country. To avoid it getting too high, you could set a mileage limit per day which will help to keep it down. Or, you could set a destination limit of where the renters can travel to so that the miles don’t get much higher than you would want.
  • Make sure that it’s free of your belongings. You’ve been using your vehicle for a while, haven’t you? You may have cleared out the big stuff but before you go renting it out, make sure that you don’t have any valuables or personal belongings left in there. You don’t want to lose important stuff to dishonest people but you also don’t want to make it feel messy or “lived in” to the renters, as many travellers want the “hotel” experience, even if they’re travelling in a used campervan.
  • Set a pet policy. Pets can wreak havoc on a motorhome, especially if the owner is not responsible. You can do one of two things. You could either put a limit on your campervan that does not allow people to use your vehicle if they have a pet or implement a pet policy. The pet policy could require that they pay a fee for travelling with a pet or put a damage clause in the contract where they will be liable to pay for any costs that damage may be incur.
  • Find out how many people are travelling in the vehicle. If your campervan is small, you may only want to rent it out to a couple or a few friends travelling. There are many reasons for this. One reason is that the more people packed into a small space, the more potential there is for damage. Another reason is that if there isn’t as many seatbelts as there are people, you could be liable if an accident happens and someone is seriously injured or killed in the accident. Protect yourself.
  • Ask your happy renters for reviews. If you have had renters who loved the experience of traveling in your campervan, ask them to leave a review. This way you can get more attention to your vehicle and also show people that your motorhome or campervan is a good choice for their trip.

In Conclusion

You could well be on your way to making some good money from renting out your vehicle but you want to avoid having to spend money after renting it. The above tips will help you to stay safe and protected by any possible situations that could happen.

Renting out a cheap campervan hire is certainly a good way to make some extra money but just make sure that you’re not naïve or too trusting with people. Put as many clauses as possible in the rental contract that make sure you’re covered in case of any eventuality. Once you’ve covered all the bases, then you can enjoy the money that will start flowing in.