Amsterdam is one of the most attractive cities of the world. It is a beautiful city and a perfect romantic getaway. The people here are quite tolerant and open-minded and you will be impressed by the cultural diversity. You will also like the nightlife of Amsterdam as there are a good number of nightclubs. The transportation system is also very dependable and you can move from one end of the city to the other with ease. There are lots of international restaurants here that serve a variety of cuisines. Although Amsterdam is a small city the attractions are varied to keep you occupied. The city which is built on canals is known as the ‘Venice of North’. It is not only an amazing destination but also the capital of Netherlands as well as its financial and business hub. Overall, it is one of the best European cities to live in and also to do business.

The city attracts hordes of tourists from different parts of the world. And to cater to this increasing flow of tourists there are a variety of hotels in Amsterdam. You will find adequate arrangements in these hotels for a comfortable stay. The service is excellent and you will appreciate the warm hospitality given to guests. Irrespective of your budget, you can expect to get good accommodation facilities in the hotels. Of course, there are quite a number of inexpensive hotels to suit the varied taste of budget travelers. Some hotels also offer discounted rates at times. Most hotels provide comfortable lodging facilities at a reasonable rate. So, travelers with different budgetary needs can put up in a hotel of their choice without worrying about expenses.

Amsterdam has a rich architectural history and some of the hotels have truly impressive architectural designs. If you observe closely, you will find that these hotels were built during the Middle Ages but have been maintained well and so they still exist. The designs and the materials used to build these hotels will mesmerize you. The plus point of these hotels is that they are located in close proximity to the notable and famous tourist attractions as well as landmarks of Amsterdam. Some of the famous tourist hotspots are the house of Anne Frank, the Rijks museum and the Stedfelijk museum. You should make it a point to visit these two renowned museums of Amsterdam. There you will find a rich collection of ancient paintings along with some famous modern paintings. The Vondelpark is another tourist attraction. It is the largest park of Amsterdam and lots of people come here for walks. You can also visit the Dam Square and the Royal Palace. There is a popular shopping area here which is always frequented by shoppers and tourists.

Talking about attractions, Amsterdam has a lot in store. The flower market, the red light district, canal boat rides are just a few attractions which will keep you busy most of the time. You will find hotels located around these attractions. That way you can enjoy your stay in this city.