An enchanted location with history built into every stone, Greece once stood as the home of a mighty civilization. Today, the remains of that culture and its influence on the country dot every street and keep travellers entranced from the start of their visit to the end. To make their time even more exciting, many travellers opted to try a walking tour over more traditional tourist options. Rather than simply taking a flight to Greece and spending a few days in a hotel located in just one city, you can visit many important and hidden locations at your own pace.

The Landscapes

Known for its varied and breath-taking geography, Greek landscapes never failed to shock and amaze travellers. All colours of the rainbow take part in the palette of Greece’s landscapes, and you can find nearly everything you could ever dream of in this beautiful country. For this reason, you simply must consider walking holidays in Greece.

Some travellers incorrectly believe that Greek landscapes stop at brilliant white roofs cutting against bright blue skies, but blushing sunsets on the beach prove as attractive as the tall mountains found in Meteora. Along the way, travellers find many caves and hiking trails, and they discover brand new locations previously unknown to them. Only walking tours allowed them to find these locations, and these visitors left for home with a new sense of amazement in their minds.


Guests in this unparalleled country quickly discover they can not rush through their time there. To truly take in the world they find there, they have to slow down and take in each new location at their own pace. By choosing a self-guided tour, you immediately gain the ability to visit each new stop on your tour at your own pace. Whether you choose to walk leisurely or briskly run, you arrive precisely when you mean to do so. For this reason, self-guided walking holidays offer a unique opportunity to see the best of Greece.

Relaxed Atmosphere

Greek natives spend their lives in a more relaxed state compared to other busier countries. Travellers find locals who are happy to sit down with them, share stories, and enjoy some time relaxing with great food. Nearly everywhere you go, expect to see locals relaxing with a warm cup of coffee or tea, watching the sunset, or simply enjoying the atmosphere. These people have a keen understanding of the inner workings of the world, know how to work hard, and understand when to simply sit down and breathe.

No other location in the world allows you to sit down anywhere you please and just take in the world. While there, take your time. Disconnect from Wi-Fi, order something fresh and delicious from a local restaurant, and simply breathe in the clean air.

Due to the nature of a walking tour, you should return home feeling better than ever, and you may even return a kilogram lighter. No matter the reason that persuades you in the end, you should enjoy every single moment of your walking tour.