Sometimes planning a vacation can be the most stressful part of what was supposed to be a relaxing trip. You might find yourself struggling to find the right things to do with your family or friends while you spend a week in Florida. If that’s you, check out these three incredible tours you can take.

Boat tour

A boat tour is a great way to start or end a vacation while bonding with the family. And, boat tours Jupiter FL are a great way to get out on the water without the heavy lifting, which is perfect for a vacation. And especially if you can make your holiday cruise around July 4th. Take a ride on a gorgeous catamaran and watch the fireworks with family and friends.

Or, maybe you or a loved one is having a birthday while you’re in Jupiter and you aren’t sure how to celebrate. Rent a private charter and take your family and friends out on the water for an incredible party.

Take this opportunity to put your phone away (besides taking a few pictures, of course) and really connect while celebrating and relaxing. Plus, being near water is proven to help relieve anxiety, so everyone will be feeling calm and happy the rest of the trip.

Paddle board tour

If you’re looking for something a bit more adventurous, check out a paddle board tour. Paddle boarding is a great workout and now companies are hosting paddle board tours, during which you can explore the water and interact with the local plant and animal life.

If you’re in Daytona Beach, book yourself a dolphin and manatee adventure tour. This incredible experience will bring you face to face with dolphins and manatees as you navigate the gorgeous waters with your fellow adventurers.

You might be nervous signing up for a paddle board tour if you’ve never paddled, but the guides will first take you to calm waters and help you get comfortable on the board before you set out for the tour. Paddle boarding might look tough, but the guides will help you feel like a professional in no time. If you’re still feeling shaky, you can take out a kayak instead and still do the incredible tour! Its the perfect compromise for groups that include some experienced paddle boarders and some new paddle boarders.

Kayaking tour

Kayaking is a great activity that you can do with friends and family because it is relaxing and easy to learn. Grab a kayak and a partner and join a tour through one of the local waters of Florida. There are many beautiful places you can tour in Sunshine State, including the Merritt Island Wildlife Refuge. A kayak tour through this area will feature a one-of-a-kind experience, with bioluminescent organisms flickering beneath your feet! You could even sign up for a private tour and experience nature with just your party, which can make for an unforgettable adventure.

It can certainly seem intimidating if you’re not experienced, but your tour guide will help you navigate the waters. The great thing about kayaking is that you can pair up with someone more experienced if you are really nervous about your paddling. Also, even though you’re in a boat, don’t trick yourself into thinking you won’t get wet. You should still expect to get splashed during your tour and you’ll want to be careful with your valuables.

Taking a tour during your vacation is a great way to connect with your loved ones and having a truly unique experience.