Saudi Arabia, situated in the Asian continent, is a country renowned for its striking mountains, Red Sea beaches and gorgeous valleys. The thirteen provinces that make up the country have some incredibly amazing places to visit. The people are congenial and you have the benefit of world class hotels. The following are top 10 places to visit while you are in Saudi Arabia.

Rock Carving Sites

These are remarkable historical sites in the country. The two places, Shuwaymus and Jubbah are famous for rocky archeological site with several carvings fascinating everyone who pays a visit to the place. The things carved are a reminder of people’s rich history. The evidences of the past found here have continued to enthrall tourists.

Albatoul Marine

The most entertaining thing to do is water blob when it comes to Albatoul Marine. You get to fly up in air with the thrust of water due to high pressure, while the surrounding areas extremely look extremely beautiful. This is all about finding the balance, and then you are able to enjoy all the flyboardings and jumps. Albatoul Marine is a fascinating place to visit with your family, what with its blue water as well as stunning panorama!

Dumat al Jundal

. It’s found in Al Jawf province. Even though the place is looking dry, with brick and mud made buildings and walls, it possesses a rich history for interested archeologists who are able to search for various secrets hidden in its dwellings. Its architectural beauty has continued to attract several visitors from different parts of the world.

Median Saleh

This is the ideal place you may learn about vast historical aspects and civilization. It has a royal monument with ideal description. Located 300 km away from Jeddah, the place has rocky carvings which appear highly fascinating since it’s extremely dry out there and its infrastructure has not changed, thus it still maintains its historical beauty.

King’s Fountain, Jeddah

This place is extremely charming because it’s the world’s tallest fountain in Jeddah City. It provides a view of serenity and calmness at night when it lightens up. It produces different colors that augment its beauty. The illumination at night resembles the sight of angels coming down the earth. It offers a panoramic view to viewers.

Al Tayebat International City

Found in Jeddah City, this is the center of attraction for many tourists who visit Saudi Arabia. Many of them are enchanted by its crafts and architecture. It’s generally a museum whereby attractive items displayed showcases the country’s past culture. This museum made up coral blocks and limestone, was once King Sheikh Abdul Rauf Khalil’s, who was also a wealthy merchant, Palace.

Kingdom Tower

This world’s tallest building continues to enthrall many visitors from all corners of the world. This is a piece of architectural wonder was carefully designed, keeping in mind the wind load and capacity. It possesses attractive circular sky terrace, with a glass floor, from where you can have a panoramic view of the Red Sea.

Royal Saudi Air Force Museum

The museum was established in 1920 and attracts visitors wishing to learn more about crafts, airforce, historical figures and facts and space. It’s located in Riyadh. Here, you can learn more about the country’s aviation history.

Masjid Al Nabawi, Medina

This is an attractive mosque found in Medina and was built by Holy Prophet Mohammad. With its attractive green dome structure, it’s open for several services which include worshipping and learning throughout the year.

Masjid Al Haram, Mecca

Also called the House of God, this is among the most sacred places of the world. It’s also the largest mosque in the world and a magnificent place in the country where Muslims come from all corners of the world for pilgrimage.

Saudi Arabia, with its beauty attracts many tourists throughout the year. With your Saudi visas, you and your family are guaranteed a holiday to remember when you travel to the country.