Vietnam is a country in Southeast Asia. It has good tourist attractions like Beaches and Buddhist Pagodas. The nature there gives a timeless experience to its visitors with sea-islands, floating markets, cultural heritage and many more. The international visitors to Vietnam are increasing year by year according to its national statistics. All the information needed to know regarding visa to Vietnam are provided on the Vietnam visa official site.

Types of visa

Visa can be attained by traveller in 2 ways. One traditional way is just to walk-in to Vietnam embassy in their respective country. Once the requirements of the embassy are fulfilled, the representative of Vietnam government issues a Visa approval letter.

Another way is to get Visa on Arrival. This method is suitable for the travellers to Vietnam by air only as it is issued in international airports. This method is less time consuming, convenient and easy for the travellers. The immigration desk in the airport issues a Visa approval letter and visa stamped on the passport with specific entry date.

ProcessingTime for Visa

It takes 5 business days for approval of Visa when applied through Vietnam Embassy after receiving the application. The application should be sent to embassy well before the expected travel date to receive it for the travel time.

Visa on Arrival can be obtained within 48hours as in normal service. The immigration desk gives urgent services also which allows traveller to get the visa in 24 hours. Similarly super urgent services allot visa within 4 hours of application. They also give non-working day service in which the visa approval letter is given within 15 minutes.

Fee for visa

There are 2 types of fees called Approval fee/Service Fee and Stamping fee. The fee depends on validity of Visa and number of entries into the country. The fee is cheaper if applied with more applicants. The approval fee can be paid online via secured payment. The detailed chart of latest fees is given in government website. Weekend services are levied with extra surcharges.

The stamping fee is 25$ for single entry and 50$ for multiple entries and it needs to be paid on the stamping day in cash.

Validity of Visa

The Visa to Vietnam Australia is valid for 60 to 90 days. Upon which the visa gets expired it should be extended if the traveller intends to stay for more time. Those who plan to come back to Vietnam again after leaving can opt for multiple entry visas.

Exemptions for Visa

Few country citizens are in restricted list to Vietnam. The countries like Germany, France, Sweden, Denmark, Finland, and UK do not require any visa, but just a passport of their country and a return ticket allows them into Vietnam. The countries like Australia, US, India requires Visa. Few country citizens are allowed for 30 days without Visa like Malaysia, Thailand, Singapore, Indonesia, 21 days without visa like Philippines and 14 days without visa like Myanmar.For the latest details on the country and restrictions, government website is to be verified before travel.