Spain is famous for bullfights, flamenco and culture, but it is also home to the most challenging hiking routes in the world

Almost every avid hiker has a list with the most spectacular hiking trails in the world and the sure thing is that the Camino de Santiago and El Camino del Rey are in the list of the boldest and daring hikers. The first, Camino de Santiago is a long-distance route that needs about a month to be completed. In the meantime, El Camino del Rey is one of the trails that awakens the daredevil in every hiker. Even though Spain and its Islands are popular destinations among active tourists and the fans of outdoor activities, the two above mentioned trails fascinate ramblers from all over the world.

Chase the pilgrim trail to Santiago de Compostela

The goal of this route is to reach the Cathedral of Santiago de Compostela in Galicia from the Pyrenees Mountains in a trail long over 800 km. In English, it is known as Saint James Way while Frenchs call it Chemin St. Jacques. Pilgrims have walked this way since the medieval times, thus, it was one of the most important routes for Christian pilgrims in the world. Nowadays, walkers from different countries walk the trail. Some do it for religious purposes while other for the pleasure of walking on the pilgrim steps.

There are four different starting points from the Pyrenees to the Cathedral of Compostela. They are St. Jean Pied-de-Port in France, Porto Somport, Ronsevalles, and Hendaye. There are two ways from the Pyrenees, El Camino del Norte that walks in the coast of the Atlantic Ocean or El Camino Frances that runs from Pamplona to Burgos, Leon and many other towns and villages. Many hikers choose a combination of these routes depending on the places that they want to see on their way. Besides the long distance walk, El Camino de Santiago is considered feasible and not too challenging.

El Camino Del Rey

Those who are looking for adventurous crazy trails walk El Camino Del Rey. This name was used for the trail after King Alfonso XIII crossed the walkway. You can think: If a king has walked this path, anyone can. But is happened almost one century ago. Now it is known as the world’s most dangerous walkway. The three km long air trail is pinned along the El Chorro Gorge in Malaga province. The trail is no more than one meter wide and now it is open after a long restoration. These are two of the most famous trails found in Spain, but if you want to find more about hiking activities in the Iberian peninsula visit