When you decided to go on holiday this year, you knew you had to try something different while you were still able-bodied. Rather than simply taking a flight to a country and spending a few days in one city, you decided to look for newer and more exciting options. For those keen to travel the world and enjoy its beauty, cycling tours may present the most rewarding experience.

Take a moment to imagine what others saw when they cycled through some of the most beautiful and untouched places in Europe. As they made their steady way down the path, they came within feet of gorgeous plant life, shared space with local wildlife, and got to know the locals in a way impossible to do through other means. In short, they simply had more to enjoy during their holiday, and now you stand to take part in that same adventure. Whether you travel alone, with a significant other, or in a group, you simply must consider self-guided cycling holidays.


Due to their simplistic nature, most cycling holidays come at a highly affordable price, often much lower than other options, such as a cruise. Not only do you get to explore many beautiful and amazing locations in far off countries, but you get to do so without emptying your entire travelling budget just on the booking. For most, this is reason enough to convince them to try this option over some others.

Something New

Cyclers gain access to locations no other type of vehicle could visit, such as mountainsides, hiking trails, and hidden ruins. No matter where you find yourself on your cycling holiday, expect to spend much of your time off the beaten path. While traditional tourists see only the modernised, glamourous attractions offered to them for increased prices, you get to see some of the hidden gems only locals know about.


Self-guided tours allowed cyclists of all ages and fitness levels to enjoy their time with fewer frustrations. During guided tours, travellers are forced to keep to the pace of their guide, often being rushed through certain areas to reach the next location on time. However, the former option gives them the chance to explore and discover at their own pace. In fact, you can take several hours to reach your next destination while only using a few minutes to reach the one after that. With so much freedom on your hands, you and anyone travelling with you can truly take the time to appreciate your holiday.

Lose Weight

Although more a positive side-effect rather than a direct reason to take a tour, many travellers often come home several kilograms heavier after gorging on local cuisine. However, bicycles run on calories, and you could burn well over a thousand after a day of traveling from one point of the tour to another. Even after filling yourself with local delicacies, you may come home at the end of the trip a kilogram or two lighter. For many, this alone proved reason enough to take a trip such as this again.