When thinking about dreamy sun-spoiled skies, translucent waters, a universe where the leftovers of the Greek, Byzantine and Roman times are all mixed up in a perfect way – you are thinking: Turkey.

Climbing the terrific Lycian tombs, visiting the grand Ephesus, tasting some traditional meals with a specific and appealing taste are just a start.

Turkey’s tourism has a rapid growth in the past decade, so visiting the astonishing beauties of Turkish inland is no longer a luxury. On the other hand, if you are considering a more unique way of treasuring the hidden beauties of the Turkish Riviera – a yacht charter in Turkey is the best choice for you and your family.

Start Your Sailing from Fethiye – The No.1 Choice of Experienced Sailors

The wonderful region of Fethiye is often the first choice of both experienced and first-time sailors.
The list of things to see and do in this area is next to endless.
Set east of the Greek island of Kos and north of Rhodos, this region is still not that affected by a Greek influence, aside from the ruins that have mixed Roman, Byzantine and Greek leftovers.

Once you anchored in Fethiye, the first must see should definitely be the Lycian rock tombs and the tombs of the Amyntas. Once you climb up there, you can enjoy the wonderful view of the famous Fethiye marina as well as the charming bay. Naturally, once you looked around the city and enjoyed some traditional Turkish food for breakfast, the next stop should be the beach. Hedonistically set on the wonderful bays, the beaches of Aksazlar, Samanlik, Boncuklu and Kuleli are a dream place for each sun – lover. Still, beware of the hot summers and wisely choose the part of the day where you can chill out on the sand without getting burnt – the weather in Turkey can be pretty harsh.

If you ask the locals for some close and easily reachable must-see around Fethiye, they will go unanimously: Icmeler.

The bay set on the Datca peninsula attracts thousands of tourists, and although can be pretty crowded – the wide and well organized beaches leave an impression that is far away from crowdy.

The town of Icmeler itself is surrounded by pine forests from three sides, and the fourth is – you can already guess – the fantastic turquoise water that invites you for a long swim – until you get hungry. The activities in this area are pretty much left up to your own imagination. For example: hiking the mountains can be a wonderful source of some artistic photographs that you will cherish until the next sailing holiday in Turkey, and beyond.

One thing is absolute: you cannot get bored in the Fethiye region. There are plenty of surprises that this part of the Turkish coast offers, and be sure you will like them all.

After a long day of exploring the region, don’t forget to enter some local pastry shop (they are everywhere) and ask for the fresh made baklava which you can enjoy at your own yacht while you admire the perfect atmosphere of the quiet Turkish nights.

The season is coming sooner than you think, so start packing and prepare for the best vacation in your life.