you sceptical about joining a frequent flyer program? Don’t hesitate! With perks like priority check-in, access to airport lounges, free flights and upgrades among other things, it’s undoubtedly worth signing up for an airline loyalty program whether you’re a jet-setter or just a casual traveller.

Looking for a way to get more for less on your air travel? Pledge loyalty to an airline! Apart from using the miles you accumulate to redeem against air tickets, you can enjoy high-end facilities and perks reserved solely for passengers with deep pockets while travelling economy. Here are five reasons to acquire a loyalty membership and start racking up your airline miles for a stellar travel experience.

  • Lounge Access

You can get complimentary access to a vast network of airport lounges without paying for expensive business or first-class tickets. Located away from the hustle and bustle, the luxurious airport lounges offer free snacks, world-class amenities, comfortable seating, recreational facilities, showers, Wi-Fi and more. They are a haven to while away time especially for those unforeseen delays and long-drawn-out layovers.

  • Free Upgrades:

Want to get bumped up to first class? As a member of the elite loyalty program, you can be privy to exclusive offers and snag business-class upgrades if there is availability. While ‘free’ upgrades are pretty hard to come by these days, most airlines give top priority to their steadfast customers. Not to mention, all the premium carriers have alliance programs so you can avail this perk not just with your preferred airline but with their partners as well.

  • Cancellation Fee Waived:

What if your travel plans alter at the last moment and you need to reschedule your trip? Most of the airlines charge an exorbitant fee for changing the award ticket or cancelling it. However, some carriers are a tad lenient with their loyal customers. They waive cancellation charges for travellers with elite status. Well, another valuable benefit for acquiring eligible membership, right?

  • Priority Check-in & Boarding

Another benefit of joining an elite flyer program is that you can sidestep the long check-in queues at chaotic airports. This is especially helpful if you are running late. Thanks to such memberships, your passage becomes faster as you can simply breeze through the priority check-in counter to drop off your luggage. Let’s face it, but this is a big plus when you need it. That’s not all! You can also board ahead of others and make yourself comfortable before other passengers start shoving and elbowing around.

  • Extra Baggage Allowance:

All major flight carriers have specific rules on the weight of luggage (excluding the carry-on hand baggage that is stashed in the closed overhead cabin) that can be checked-in.  And yes, travellers have to comply with these strict regulations or pay extra for exceeding the weight limit. However, flyers armed with a good tier status (platinum/gold/silver) on their loyalty programs can avail excess baggage allowance. In other words, privileged members don’t have to fork out extra money for getting additional luggage through.

So, what are you waiting for? Join an airline loyalty program and start earning frequent flyer miles to reap the benefits. And if you thought accumulating air miles was only possible through flying, you are mistaken. From using a co-branded credit card for shopping to staying in a partner hotel or taking a car on rent from a partner company, there are many ways to rack up points. Loyalty programs such as JetPrivellege Membership allow you multiple ways to accumulate air miles which can be then used for booking flight tickets. Enjoy travelling!