If you a person who have been avoiding train travel just because of the kind of inconvenience associated with that of food arrangement then it is high time you know that the game has changed now. It is a well known fact that train travel, though convenient on many other aspects, turns out to be quite difficult when it comes to food service. Travel Khana has seem to understand this major problem with regard to train food services and has come up with an innovative and insightful plan that would provide fulfilling and excellent arrangement for both vendors and passenagers.

Novel Concept –

Travel Khana has now come out with the novel concept of getting freshly prepared and tasty food items across to you while you are on your train journey. The highly reliable platform connects the vendors with that of the passengers who have booked for the service of Travel Khana well ahead and delivers freshly prepared, hygienic food of their choice to their concerned station. If you have ordered your food item to be delivered on your arrival in Surat station, you will get food at Surat railway station when the train arrives in the platform.

Easy to Do –

The system with which Travel Khana works is simple yet interesting. All that you will have to do is to call the company and let them know your requirement – which station you want the food delivered, from which food outlet you want food and what are your specifications. Once you provide requirement, you will be delivered the food at the exact time period at which the train is expected to arrive. This is an amazing concept and you will be able to get freshly prepared food that you like at your location. The company ensures to deliver the food item at the right time by keeping track of the train timings.

Great Service –

You can now order fresh food in train in minutes and be assured that it would be delivered to you well ahead. The company works in a systematic manner. It has also come up with a web based service which allows you to book food from anywhere you want in seconds. Travel Khana seems to be growing big day by day and it is now expanding its wing of operation from 7 cities initially to many more cities in the coming year. With the innovative service, things are made easy for vendors and passengers. It is also trying to come out with SMS booking service which is expected to go live in just few days.

It started off with a group of few vendors across 7 cities and more vendors are being added to the list every day. The wide choice of vendor would provide passengers with more choice which in turn would increase sale. The company has been able to capture the attention of travellers all over the country as it is a useful and interesting concept that would change the way the food arrangement has been operating in trains for the past several years.