Many people love to eat the Asian cuisine, especially the one from Thailand. That is because most of the cuisines are made with a lot of spices and seasonings. Therefore, you can have the very tasty taste like you have never taste before. However, where can you find the best Thai food Houston? If you are living in Houston and want to taste the great taste of Thai’s cuisine, then Sonkran will be the best place that you should visit.

Sonkran can be considered as one of the best Thai restaurant because of many things. The first one is because Sonkran has been coking many Thai’s cuisines for many of the customers since many years ago. As an addition, Sonkran is still getting more and more famous since the first time the restaurant is opened. The second is that Sonkran has a lot of menu that you can choose over. For your information, they have many different menu packages based on the time. Therefore, do not expect to find the breakfast menu if you go there at three in the afternoon. You can only find the lunch menu at that time.

The next one is the affordable price. You will need to understand that the more seasoning will surely cost more money. However, they still offer you the affordable price. Yes, they have some menus as cheap as 15 dollars. Therefore, you will not need to worry if you are coming here with many of your friends or families since they offer you a very friendly price. However, the best of them is that they offer you the best Thai cuisines that you will never find anywhere else. With the best taste and all of those benefits up there, you will never be able to find any other restaurants better than Sonkran.