The cruise season for 2017-18 and the UAE will start on October 2nd when the luxury liner Sea bourn Encore comes back to Dubai while enroute to Australia. But this up- coming winter cruise season will see numerous cruise ships returning to Dubai, while many others will be new to this city and will be cruising from Dubai as well.

Winter season

Cruising Africa and Arabia are probable this year from the cruise ships that will homeport in the Middle East for the winter cruising season– which runs from November to March.

Roundtrip cruising

Cruising round-trip from either Abu Dhabi or Dubai, AIDAstella from AIDA Cruises will be the first of the cruise ships in the Middle East to return to her old winter cruising area in early November. Its first cruise leaves from Port Dubai on November 3rd. But since she is home porting in both Abu Dhabi and Dubai, passengers may also choose to board on November 6th during her port of call in the capital of UAE.

Either way

Either way, the durations of these Dubai cruises is the same, seven-nights with port calls in Oman, Muscat, and Mina Sulman, Bahrain. Also, she will also stay overnight while in port in Abu Dhabi and Dubai to allow cruise tourists more exploring time.

Dubai every Tuesday

From the 3rd of November until April 3rd, 2018, the AIDAstella will ship round-trip from Dubai every Tuesday and from Abu Dhabi on Friday. The lone except is on February 20th when she will start on a cruise of 10-night from Abu Dhabi to Dubai via Khassab, Muscat, and Bahrain.


AIDAstella first launched 4 years ago and is now one of the largest ships in the AIDA fleet. This shows how popular these Arabian Gulf cruise tours with German passengers.

She can carry over 2000 passengers when at full double-occupancy and may be more closely equated to a ship of Royal Caribbean and Norwegian Cruise Lines.