After this proposal, the next big step in planning a marriage is to look for places for weddings. Helpful friends and family members are likely to come together to offer suggestions, and your favorite search engine will also present a lot of ideas. Maybe you have been to a beautiful ceremony in penang where you wonder if it suits you. Whatever your vision of the ceremony and the reception, choosing the perfect place is one of the most important pieces of the puzzle. If you have already started looking for Penang wedding venue or are about to start the process in penang, consider these 5 important topics when comparing possible places for weddings.


Well, it seems like a fact, but it’s not for every couple! Think about not only where you will come from when you get married, but also where your guests will come from. If everyone lives in the western part of the city, does it make sense to reserve a place on the east side? If you like the place, it may cost a bit of driving, but be sure to make a good choice in the place.

Size Do you have an intimate reception for 50 people or an event designed for 400 more people than in life? Make sure that the wedding venues you are looking for can accommodate the number of people you plan to place on a great day.

Food and drinks

Each drink can shine when it comes to food and drinks. It is here that the bride and groom demonstrate their identity and invite their friends and family to truly celebrate this event. Catering offers all kinds of options when it comes to food. Heavy appetizers, themed buffets and reusable plates: all this is quite acceptable. Wedding venues often have agreements with preferred suppliers or even have their own catering options, which offer excellent food and equally impressive beverage options. Talk to the event coordinator about the options of open bar or ATM, depending on what you have planned.

Theme or style Many wedding venues offer neutral color palettes and designs that can accommodate a large number of themes and styles. Talk to your partner about how you want your reception to feel. Simple, clean and elegant? Or, perhaps, more earthly with elements of nature present in detail? The options are innumerable, and it is important to be on the same page with the general appearance from the beginning. Make sure the space you choose can work with your vision.


Many event coordinators with experience in designated places have all the contacts you need to make planning as simple and stress-free as possible. This can be a great advantage for any couple, especially for those who do not have a wedding planner. Many places have a special coordinator who can put you in touch with everyone, from chefs, confectionery, from groups to florists, etc.