Choosing a cheap motorhome for hire is often a better alternative than sinking tens of thousands of dollars into the purchasing of one which will only get used once per year. With that said, no one should rent a motorhome without doing a bit of research and knowing exactly what he or she is getting before taking off. Below are just some of the tips which motorhome travelling enthusiasts have shared, starting with the one which can save you a lot of time:

Look at the Floor Plans

Before setting foot within a motorhome, ask to see the floor plans or see if they are available online. This will help you save time when visiting the motorhome for hire establishment as you will already know which motorhomes will be large enough, which will have the best layout for you and your party, and which will have the amenities you need to make it the perfect holiday abroad.

See the Motorhome in Person

With that said, do not rely on the floor plan alone. Step inside of the motorhome to make sure it is exactly what you want. If possible, ask to see the motorhome which you will or will likely be rented out on the day you depart (failing that, ask for a particular make and model).

Read Their Policy

Not every motorhome for hire company will have the same policy, and even then, some motorhomes may have special policies which do not apply to others on the lot. Make sure that you are able to abide by their policy. Ask questions if anything is unclear, or if the policy does not suit your lifestyle. This may include questions such as:

  • Whether or not you are allowed to bring a pet within the motorhome
  • Whether or not you are allowed to smoke within the motorhome
  • What happens if the motorhome breaks down during the course of travel
  • What happens if an appliance breaks down when travelling abroad

Every little detail should be crystal clear to you, including their cancellation policy. If a question pops up over the few weeks prior to setting off, you should be able to call up the company and ask.

Ask if They Store Your Vehicle

You will need to get to the motorhome for hire establishment somehow, and you will be leaving in a vehicle which is not your own. Ask the company about whether or not they will be able to store your vehicle. If they are able to store your vehicle, ask where it will be stored, how it will be protected, and what liability they will have in the event that you vehicle is damaged or stolen.

Make Sure You’re Covered

Most motorhome rentals come with insurance. However it does not hurt to check in with your own auto insurance policy and make sure that you will be fully covered when travelling. It is also a good idea to make sure that your standard driver’s license is appropriate to hire the class of motorhome which you are planning to rent.