Myanmar is one of the most beguiling destinations for both river and oceanic cruises in Asia. The country houses stunning network of river inland while off shore Andaman sea, Mergui Archipelago attracts all your senses by its emerald water, sea, sun and sand.

Explore Mergui Archipelago
Imagine pristine islands out to the Andaman Sea,imagine stunning seascape, imagine beguiling local Gypsies life, imagine Mergui Archipelago. After decades of isolation, the country now opens its door to the world, same for this spectacular area. Undoubtedly, Mergui will be the best answer for Halong Bay – Vietnam or Phuket Thailand yet totally non touristic.
To reach Mergui, you can either take a flight from Yangon or cross Thailand with a Burma Visa then enter Kawthaung town for a promising cruise.
At the current time, cruising Mergui means you should join a set departure cruise like Mergui Princess , Burma Boating or privatize a yatch. The ideal option is to set sail for 5 to 7 days crossing secluded islands, bath by your own beach and dive to the amazing coral reef that Mergui has to offer.
If ocean cruise and culture exploration is your concept then do not hesitate to combine an overland trip from Yangon to Mawlamyine, Hpa An, Ge and Dawei Peninsula.

Myanmar Rivers
The bloodline of Myanmar is Irrawaddy River which spreads its hand from the far north Bhamo to the rich land of Yangon division until joining the ocean. For 2,170 km that it passes through, there are endless chances to explore the country in style from cultural visit in Bagan holy plain to bustling Mandalay Royal City, from Pyu World Heritage site to fascinating Mingun pagodas.
Chindwin is the second largest river in the country which stretches its body for more than 1,200km is really wild.  It is simply a perfect river to explore the rural Myanmar, the area that is less travelled.

Top River Cruise Journeys
As a hot travel trend in Myanmar, cruise operators are now offering more choices for visitors to sail in Irrawaddy.
The most popular river journey is from Mandalay to Bagan opts from 2 to 5 days. All luxury and deluxe cruise liners like Ananda, Pandaw, Paukan, Road to Mandalay operate their services on this route. Either it is a upriver or downstream cruise, passengers will enjoy the most quintessence of both 2 places including shore excursions in Bagan, cultural visit in ancient capitals of Mandalay and off  beaten tourist touch to Yandaboo. Though, their Myanmar Shore Excursions differ from one to another, you will capture the best that north Myanmar has to offer.
For those who really want to see Myanmar more than just its surface, the river cruise from Yangon to Mandalay which lasts from 10 to 14 days depending on the cruise operator has something to memorize. You will be amazed by the gilded pagoda of Shwedagon, fantastic colonial buildings then hop on some 2,500 pagodas in Bagan.
If you are looking for a very special cruise then book for a trip upstream from Mandalay to the less-visited part of Irrawaddy to spot Irrawaddy Dolphin.