Are you planning to visit the greater Atlanta area for business? Take your clients to these unique dining destinations that can only be visited in College Park, Georgia. Every time you travel for work, make the best of it as an opportunity for a fun and unique experience. Here are some places you can add to the itinerary to make the most of your next trip. If you’re headed to College Park on business, pick the restaurants that suit your trip best, and then find places to stay nearby so you don’t waste time running from place to place.

  1. One Flew South

Flew South

This is the perfect place for when you get off the plane at the Atlanta international airport and you and your traveling companions are hungry. One Flew South can be found in concourse E of the airport and offers what they describe as “southernational” cuisines. These foods are inspired by international travels with a hat tip to the location of the restaurant in the southern United States. While some menu items are inspired by far-off lands, the ingredients are locally sourced. This is a great place for a business lunch on the go, and it’s convenient for grabbing a bite while you’re waiting for an outbound flight.

  1. Bole Ethiopian Restaurant

If you’re entertaining clients for dinner, you want something fun and different enough to be memorable. Bole Ethiopian Restaurant is a wonderful place to try something new. Authentic Ethiopian cuisine is served daily in a relaxed and comfortable atmosphere. It’s a great way to introduce yourself to a new culture with foods such as shirro and sambusa. You won’t have to travel all the way to Ethiopia for food like this, just to the College Park area.

  1. Spondivits

Seafood is a good option for a casual and relaxed lunch meeting. Serving up some of the best seafood in the area, Spondivits has everything you may desire that comes from the ocean. With a relaxed and casual atmosphere, this place is decorated with a classic seafood restaurant theme. It is a must visit for any seafood lover looking for some fresh options. You may have to wait at this popular spot, so be sure to plan a little extra time for this visit.

  1. The Corner Grille

Looking for something a little more “deep south?” The Corner Grille offers dishes such as seafood gumbo, blackened grouper, Cajun pasta, and best of all, chicken and waffles. They describe themselves as “traditional American fare with Cajun influences” which seems accurate based on the diverse menu and excellent reviews. With so much variety it is sure to please everyone at your business lunch or dinner.

  1. Brake Pad Restaurant and Bar

Brake Pad is inside a converted gas station and a favorite of locals, so it must be good. They serve up classic American eats, so if you have a craving for a burger and fries this is the place for you. They also offer a full bar for a drink after the workday is done.

With all of the options available in the College Park area, you can get creative and make your business trip one that will leave a great impression on your clients.