The question of what to do on Phi Phi Island can be a tough one to answer, as there is a significant choice to look over. The larger parts of the Phi Phi Islands are surrounded by (1) private bays, (2) beautiful beaches, and (3) by the various smaller islands in the famous archipelago. Among this, there are very few attractions on the Phi Phi Islands. Check out what to do when you’re on a Phi Phi Island Tour, and don’t forget to take your camera!

  • Visit Phi Phi Le National Park: Phi Phi Le won fame through the movie called The Beach. The natural view on offer is simply unmatched in beauty, with rugged cliffs plunging drastically into the turquoise water, and with hardly any accommodation in the area, a serene and peaceful atmosphere abounds all around.
  • Hike to Ao Lo Dalam: One of the best and easiest ways to experience Ao Lo Dalam is by hiking the island; a common route being the relaxed 30-minute hike to a lookout at the southern end of Ao Lo Dalam. This is a peaceful and really sound with a bend of white sand skimming precious stone blue waters, and gives the ideal setting in which to unwind after the long trail.
  • Visit Mosquito Island: Mosquito Island is home to a plenty of bothersome mosquitoes, so bear in mind to bring your bugspray. The famous King named Cruiser wreck long back is situated here, a premier wreck diving destination measuring 85 meters from bow to stern. This is a best jumping/diving spot and gives long stretches of movement to sharp jumpers.
  • Bida Islands: Situated off the seashore of Phi Phi Island are the Bida Islands, a collection of small islands which are home to a few varieties of coral. They are the most famous dive sites of the area, and are big enough to allow for upto 3 separate dives without repeating an area.