What draws many travelers to Georgia beyond the amazing food and splendid culture? The state’s historical landmarks. Travelers can scarcely visit a town in the state and not find buildings that reach back a couple hundred years.

Several of Georgia’s buildings have a darker history than others around them, and many have reported several ghost sightings around the state. These stories won’t frighten away the veteran traveler, though. If anything, a possible haunting only makes a location all the more interesting to visit. Here are four haunted locations you can tour during your trip to Georgia.

Moon River Brewing Company

Grab a cold one during your visit to Savannah’s haunted pub, the Moon River Brewing Company. Both visitors and employees of the business have reported a number of odd occurrences happening at the pub. These incidences include reports of invisible touches, thrown bottles, and glimpses of a figure standing in the billiard room. The reason for all of these sightings may be that the brewery is located in a building originally constructed as the town’s City Hotel back in 1821.

You can visit the brewery at 21 W. Bay Street from 11 a.m to 11 p.m. Have a bite and see what you spot!

Ghost Walk of St. Simons

Better bring your walking shoes, because the Ghost Walk of St. Simons takes you all over the place! This family-friendly tour takes you on a journey through the St. Simons Village, where you learn about the location’s unique connection to the supernatural. On the tour, you’ll have the chance to explore one of the most haunted locations in Georgia, the town’s lighthouse. To partake in the walk costs $18 for adults and $10 for children under 12. The tours take place at night, so think about reserving a hotel room in nearby Brunswick.

Old Candler Hospital

Would a list of haunted locations feel complete without mentioning a hospital? The Old Candler Hospital served as Georgia’s first hospital, dating back to 1804. Throughout the time of its operation, the staff faced numerous yellow fever epidemics. This led to the creation of the morgue tunnel that runs underneath the Forsyth Park. The hospital staff utilized the tunnel to hide the severity of the yellow fever epidemics.

You can visit the hospital on both of the tours offered by Blue Orb Tours. Their Savannah Shadows Tour costs $25 and welcomes all ages. The other option, the Zombie Tour, costs $30, and only those older than 18 may join.

Savannah Ghost Show Tours

Of course, one of the most haunted towns in the United States has to have a tour. The Savannah Ghost Show takes you and your family on an educational journey through Savannah. This lighthearted tour focuses on the group attempting to catch a ghost, making it ideal for families and their children. While the guides do have quite a bit of fun making it family-friendly, they keep their stories grounded in the historical significance of the city. You must reserve your spot in advance, and the tour service only sells tickets in bundles of four for $100.

Your visit to Georgia will feel incomplete if you miss these haunted locations!