What about a journey, a Bursa tour from Istanbul that you will never forget in your life?

By going on Bursa tours, you will have a sightseeing tour from İstanbul to Bursa. What we offer you with a Bursa tours? Are you wonder?

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No matter how much it is smaller than İstanbul, Bursa, which is the first capital city of Ottoman Empire, has a deep background in terms of historical places and symbols. Its historical wealth is so powerful that can be compared to İstanbul’s historical background. Bursa is not only a green city, that leads the city to be called as “Green Bursa”, locating at the base of Uludağ Mount, Bursa is one of the most important city that can charm you with its architectural wonders and untouched beauty.

We will pick up you from your hotel, and then, we will leave from Istanbul. We will go on our tour by passing Yalova with a ferry at Eskihisar. You will like the landscape of country and seaside during our ferry journey to Bursa, and after we arrive Bursa, we will get into a luxury bus that will take us to the most historical places in Bursa. First, it will take us to Green Mosque, then, to its neighbor “Green mausoleum”.
After we visited Green Mausoleum, we will go to Koza Han, that was the silk trade center of Muslim’s history for centuries. And finally, we will use the cable car to see the city view from the highest peak of Uludağ Mount…

As an old Ottoman’s city, Bursa has many places to go and things that worth to see. It is well-known with its tasty olives and olive oil. Similarly chestnut, honey and Turkish Delight are also Bursa’s famous tastes.

At lunch, we will eat the most delicious food examples of Turkish cuisine in Darüzziyafe that is one of the oldest traditional restaurants in Bursa.

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